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Software Engineer -- job posting

Southeast Christian Church
posted 3 Months Ago

If you have a passion for using your Lava, Workflow, HTML/CSS, C#, or SQL skills and have a deep desire to solve problems in the mission of connecting people to Jesus and one another, please take a closer look at our opening. The qualified applicant will have a working knowledge of software, implementation, testing, and documentation and will be flexible to move between tasks as project priorities shift, and will steward their time and gifts wisely. This position reports to the Software Engineering Manager, although there is a lot of freedom on how best to tackle individual assignments. The person filling this position will be joining a team of highly competent and dedicated programmers, who meet daily to praise accomplishments, to discuss future goals, and to lend a helping hand when needed.

The Details
This position has 2 ideal candidates that are outlined below.  We would highly consider either option:

1. Have a working knowledge of RockRMS and how blocks, pages, Lava, and SQL all blend together to make the system work.  Skills in the areas of Lava, Workflows, Dataviews and Reports are highly desired.  An uncanny ability to solve problems and whip together a bit of Lava and SQL to make Rock do something that people said it couldn't do is the most important skill.

---- OR ----

2. Have a working knowledge of object-oriented programming and relational database concepts; specifically, ASP.NET 3.5 (or higher), C# (will consider VB.NET), CSS, HTML/XML, IIS 7 (or higher), JavaScript, ASP.NET AJAX, web services, SQL Server 2012 or (higher) with strong t-SQL skills, and Visual Studio 2015 (or higher). Good communication skills. Team player but must be able to work independently too. Familiarity with issue/bug tracking software, content management systems, jQuery, MVC, EF, Bootstrap, HTML 5, CSS3, and SEO is a plus. Must have a minimum of 1-2 years of experience developing database driven web applications based on Microsoft .NET framework OR a year of experience using RockRMS as a power user or administrator.


Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/Information Systems or a related degree or commensurate experience (2-3 years) with web technology or ChMS systems.
A demonstrated alignment with Southeast Christian Church's Statement of Faith and the Mission, Vision and Strategies.

How to Apply:
Please use the following link to apply for this position.  Please note, the requirements listed below may not match what was stated above but a few more details were included above since this is a RockRMS specific job posting board:

Send Resumes To


920 Blankenbaker Pkwy
Louisville, KY 40243

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