Shoulder the Boulder

  • By Arran France 4 Years Ago

In the February podcast the development team encouraged the Rock community to be "Go Givers", to help others be successful using Rock. This blog is a response to that call for givers.

The Rock development team has done a great job of producing tools to create community, the Q&A forum does a fantastic job of getting people's questions answered. The Rock team has also done a brilliant job of producing documentation.

Somewhere in between the two I felt like there was a gap for a platform to share with others how you'd achieved something. A cross between the static documentation and the people powered Q&A. A place to share with others "Hey, this is how we decided our group structure" or "This is a Lava template we used". I'm hoping Shoulder the Boulder can become that platform.

I'll be using Shoulder the Boulder to share some of the processes my church has gone through and some of the training materials and resources I've produced to prepare for the launch.

This is by no means an exclusive blog. I'd love for knowledgeable members of the Rock community to contribute. If you've got something you'd like to share drop me an email at

I hope you'll join me for the journey.

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I'm a third-year software engineering student at Royal Holloway, University of London. When I'm not studying I edit Shoulder the Boulder and run Bricks and Mortar Studio, a two-man studio that produces plugins and provides custom development and consultancy for Rock RMS. When I'm relaxing you can normally find me playing Rocket League, running, fishing, or reading.