New Feature: Jobs Board

  • By Arran France

It has been over three years since Shoulder the Boulder started as a one-man endeavour to provide the Rock community with a location to share knowledge gleaned in people’s journey with Rock. Since then, Rock has grown from a pre-BETA project used by a small number of churches to a widely-adopted and mature system. This growth is mirrored in the community, evidenced by the number of contributors that Shoulder the Boulder has had, the popularity of Rock’s Slack channel, and the number of Rock Partners. The shape of the Rock community now more than ever matches the dream of a thriving ecosystem of tools, partners, churches, and supporting organisations.

Today we’re launching a new tool to help the community continue to grow that ecosystem - a Shoulder the Boulder Jobs Board. Over the past couple of years job opportunities have arisen but there hasn’t been an official way to get the word out to potential candidates. The Jobs Board is a simple tool to help facilitate the dialogue between community members looking for a role and churches and partner organisations with opportunities.

A few things to bear in mind when using the Jobs Board. Firstly, the job board is best suited for permanent roles. If you’re looking for more casual or temporary help as an organisation, you’d probably be best-served by a Rock Partner. Secondly, all kinds of Rock-related jobs are welcome but they do need to be Rock-related! Also, once your position has been filled, please do come back and remove the opportunity. And finally, remember that while we do not want to lose Rock-trained community members to non-Rock organisations, we do want to be careful not to poach from other community members' staff. 

If you’re a church looking to hire get started with your first post to the Jobs Board - and if you’re looking for a role, take a look at the opportunities available. And if you're neither one right now, help facilitate those magic connections by sharing with those you know who are looking for a Rock-related position.

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I'm a third-year software engineering student at Royal Holloway, University of London. When I'm not studying I edit Shoulder the Boulder and run Bricks and Mortar Studio, a two-man studio that produces plugins and provides custom development and consultancy for Rock RMS. When I'm relaxing you can normally find me playing Rocket League, running, fishing, or reading.