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Champion Forest Baptist Church - Web and Systems Developer -- job posting

Champion Forest Baptist Church
posted 7 Months Ago

The Web and Systems Developer will: 

Create systems to incorporate the back end of the ROCK system, the church CRM/database, to the front end of the website, with the goal to implement it at 95%.

Function as a developer who can develop the content management system with customization and technical implementation. The Web and Systems Developer will primarily serve the website, registration, communications, and other website related outlets.

Develop the website and CRM system into a global management tool and equip others to use the system, for instance, to change a class, alter the calendar, and add specialized content.

Function in this role as a passionate, curious, and creative developer who is constantly looking for solutions to problems, learning, and adjusting back end processes or systems as necessary, using knowledge and experience.  

What you bring: 


Applicants should demonstrate a complete knowledge of web technologies, and should provide a complete portfolio of work and references. A college degree is preferred, but not required if competency is adequate. Above all else, the Web and Systems Developer’s desire and aptitude should be high.


A solid understanding of current technologies including: PHP, XML, MySQL and JavaScript, .net, sequel, front end CSS, java, c-sharp, UX and UI.

Ability to build a website from the ground up with HTML and CSS.

Proficiency with the current Adobe CS suite tools.

Quick and organized with a deep passion for all things web related.

Passionate about technology and keeping up with modern trends.

Capable of working in a fast paced environment juggling multiple projects with a quick turnaround and high quality.

Personal Characteristics

A strong relationship with Jesus Christ and a commitment to investing in their faith, growing in their walk with Jesus, and being part of the local church, if not a member of Champion Forest Baptist Church.

Alignment with the core beliefs of Champion Forest Baptist Church and the Statement of Faith, as well as a “chemistry” that fits with the culture of the church.

Investment in Champion Forest Baptist Church and a genuine desire to learn from, work with, and understand the church, staff, and congregation.

Someone of high character and competency.

Someone with a teachable spirit.

Great communication skills and problem-solving.

Self-starter - a person who is strongly motivated and shows initiative.

Exhibits a spirit of flexibility and be very willing to accept and lead through change. He or she will gracefully multi-task and exhibit a “roll with the punches” attitude.

Exude a strong relational personality and build a credible and professional rapport with the department as well as other members of the CFBC team.

A demonstrated high level of integrity, guided by a sound set of moral principles.

Calm and sharp under pressure

Team player.

Send Resumes To


15555 Stuebner Airline Rd
Houston, TX 77069

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